Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Less than 300 days to go!!

As of today we have less than 300 days to go!!!

20080710_048442_DIG_DRO_RTW_9999_W55_Light Reading

We have to get busy reading...!

Urvi has been busy and has already gone through the whole of South America, she has south Asia to go. Anand has yet to even select a book to read, but you know he is instinctive and is not so much into planning stuff... :)

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Bye Bye Micra

20080605_048116_DIG_BHX_GEN_9999_PHONE_Selling the Micra

In line with our plan to move to Mum and Dads as early as possible, we pondered about selling the car also. To be honest to have 3 cars in a family with 3 Drivers and a baby driver (Sorry Urvi!) made no sense. Of course we loved the car and would have wanted to keep it, however we calculated that for it to simply be in the driveway – and keep it in a road worthy condition would have costed in the region of £500 per year. It is worth a serious think. If you are going away for a year or more, then the cost is a bit prohibitive

Who knows we could come back and buy the same car at a bargain price!!

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