Sunday, 8 March 2009

Where the Hell is Matt?

When people do a world trip they often try and put some sort of funny theme to the trip. For example someone might take a picuture in each place they go with a knome (small garden figurine!) etc.

Urvi found out about Matt, who has made it round the world, being filmed dancing his own funny dance in each place! it is really cook to watch the video of this, and has given us some inspiration to do something - dont know what yet,, and i can guarantee it wont involve dancing!! but lets see...

Anywayy check Matt out...

From Droitwich to Datong...!

The first part of our trip is now set, and we now have all the tickets and Visas!

Part 1 of our world trip takes us from Droitwich on the 2nd of May to Dusseldorf in Germany for the evening!!


We then take the early morning flight to St Petersburg – the Cultural centre of Russia. Hermitage is the largest museum in the world and assuming that we don’t get lost in there, there is so much more to see and sample across the city.


On the 5th night we begin our epic train route across the vast country of Russia, the first leg is an easy overnight sleeper train to Moscow.

The centre of the soviet empire and target of the west’s attention during the cold war, I am sure we will get the chance to try one of those funny fur caps!


Late on the 8th night we jump on the ‘Baikal’ train, and one of the most classic rail journeys in the world properly gets under way. For those used to trains in India 3 or 4 days on train does not sound that significant, but in the world of budget airlines and easy travel, who in their right mind would stay on a train going 60mph for 4 days!! – Welcome to the trans-Siberian!


We will be stopping at Lake Baikal from the 12th to the 16th of May, and then in Mongolia for another 4 days, from the 17th to the 21st May. Before entering the land of the dragon – China!!

Datong is our first stop on the 22nd May, for a day and then we move on from there. We are currently planning the next stage, which will include China, Tibet and Japan, so stay in touch with us on the blog!


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