Tuesday, 1 January 2008


About this site: This site is for our families and friends, and also as a keepsake for ourselves. Over time it will give us a place to share the experiences that we are sure will change us for ever. We'll consider it to be a success if our family and friends enjoy it, and if it encourages or helps even one more person to travel, then even better!

About us: We are Urvi and Anand Shah, a married couple of seven years now! Urvi is the wife and Anand the husband. We are in our late 20’s although I (Anand) am gonna be 30. We live in Birmingham, UK. Urvi is a Physiotherapist and I am a Healthcare Manager working in the NHS. We're basically a fairly normal pre-kids couple, looking to find the meaning of life (!)

About this trip: This is a trip inspired by Urvi. We have always enjoyed travel, but have not been able to go to all the places we have dreamt of. Being the inpatient people we are! We decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and travel the world all in one go. The trip will be 15 months. We started slowly saving soon after we met, and with the proper planning, it all turned out to be more affordable than we originally anticipated (let us know if you'd like more info on this). With a few exceptions, we plan to get to all the places each of us wanted to visit and experience.

As we want to get a really feel for the countries we visit, and not stay cooped in western hotels, or bus tours; our accommodations will usually be hostels, homestays, camping where possible and even camper vans! I (Anand) would also like the odd day of luxury thrown in too!

Our travel philosophy: We're more interested in finding out what life is like in a given place than we are in seeing all the tourist spots. That said, we don't "go native" when we arrive somewhere. We have adopted a style of planning well and in detail, but trying to keep as much flexibility for when we are there. We want to spend a fair amount of time just walking around to get to know a place and lifestyle - the "vibe," so to speak.

Travel is going to be a mix of as many forms of transport as possible! From flying on the Airbuss A380 super jumbo, to cruising the Nile, to the endurance of the trans Siberian railway!

What do you think we MUST DO

We would love to hear from you and get some recommendations of the things that we must see, do, eat or experience during our trip.

Please leave advice, a travel story, a tip - or just tell us about your favorite place to visit or a spot not to be missed.


Urvi and Anand

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