Saturday, 15 March 2008

Thoughts on Blogging

I will be honest, both Urvi and I are pretty tech savvy, but until we began started planning this trip I had not contemplated setting up a Blog. Its bit strange really as I read a number of blogs, mainly technology related but also my second love Cricket, but I have never set one up myself. It is a pretty liberating experience really. A bit like writing a diary, but enhanced by the sharing element of it, and of course the ability to drop in a live Map and Pics.

As a technogeek, and someone who attempts to take meaningful photos, the documentary/archiving aspects of this are really exciting for me and in some ways I cant wait to take this on while we are traveling.

Our world trip blog, is the first of what may be many blogs, so please do tell us what you think and how we might improve things.

A journey round the world begins with a simple plan…

One of the first things that we found when thinking about trip was to start planning early. I know that people talk about a trip like this as a voyage of discovery and therefore the more planning you do, the less you may enjoy the experiences, but honestly a certain amount of planning is essential.

First things first, we decided on a number of issues very early on, much of this sounds obvious, but it is important to clear these things at the beginning.

• The trip was going to be for 1 year.
• We were going to fund this trip 100% out of our savings, no money no trip!
• Based on needing to save and plan before we go we decided on a departure year of 2009
• As much as possible we would try and get to ALL the places we both wanted to visit. But also we knew that there would be further trips in the future.

So from here on in the planning began! I tell you, it is half the fun I think!!!!

How it all started...

Sitting in the Tower of London museum, we had a conversation about things to do and achieve in life, I wanted to buy a Merc, She wanted a nice house, I wanted to set up a home cinema, and she wanted to travel the world....

...What? travel the world, how we going to do that? We were in our mid 20s and trying to establish our careers, progress in life and set up a home, family etc. How can you do this and travel the world?

I guess it is all about Risk and how much risk you want to take to achieve your ambitions in life. For me it was about potentially leaving a job for a year to travel the world, but with no real assurance of having a job to return to.

This was the first lesson I have learnt while planning for this trip. Life is about making decisions and sticking to them, there will always be pros and cons, but doing nothing is the best way to go backwards.

That was 2004, this is 2008. Join us in the trip of our lifetime!!!!

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